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Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Festival

Santa Monica, long known as a lively beach town with a blend of young adults, surfers, and families, hosts its celebratory festival this June. This year on June 14th marks the 23rd consecutive year of the festival, which highlights the eclectic culinary, musical, and visual artistic endeavors of the Santa Monica populace.
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Concerts & Events at the LA Forum

LA Forum

Experience the iconic LA Forum like you've never seen it before. Newly refurbished with a $100 million renovation, the venue hosts a wide range of concerts, sporting events, lectures, and other live entertainment all highlighted by state-of-the-art sound and lighting, comfortable seating, new concessions, and the largest indoor performance facilities in the country.
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St. Patrick's Day Festival Los Angeles, California

St. Patrick's Day Festival

Discover your own four-leaf clover at fun St. Patrick's Day events and festivals in Los Angeles and Hollywood. From block parties and pub-crawls to Irish beer gardens and late night festivities, you're sure to find a little luck of the Irish in LA this March.
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Holiday Parade in LA

Hollywood Christmas Parade

Start off the holiday season with a bang at the Hollywood Christmas Parade in Hollywood, CA.
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